3Din30 Live Sessions

3Din30 is Velo3D’s Youtube and LinkedIn Live channel featuring speakers from multiple links in the additive manufacturing supply chain. We discuss new topics about every 2 weeks. Each session lasts about 30 minutes.  

Episode 17: Achievable Innovation – From Mental Ideas to Metal Ideals

With modern design, engineers are pushing the boundaries of possibility. The power to craft and simulate performance is in the hands of every engineer—from students to executives. This flood of brainpower is leading to designs that have the potential to change our entire world. But too often, the complexity of those designs makes manufacturing impossible, or at least inaccessible, to all but a few engineers at a select group of companies.

With Velo3D’s metal additive manufacturing solution, engineers have unprecedented access to a network of contract manufacturers who are all capable of building the most complex parts imaginable. In our next 3Din30, we welcome Velo3D’s Brian Spink and Jay Blake and take you on a journey from idea to ideal. We’ll move into the mind of the designer and see how, with a streamlined and integrated manufacturing platform, you can materialize your innovations in metal!

Watch the session here: