A Call to Action to All Leaders to Take a Stand

by | Mar 22, 2020 | Interviews

As the reality of the Coronavirus outbreak unfolds quickly in front of us, all leaders across public and private sectors are trying to manage the effects of the virus on their given domains. Measures taken to date have trailed the fast-moving virus and accelerated its deadly spread across the globe.

Leaders at every level of society want to help but face the dilemma of how to adjust their commitments to customers, investors, or voters in light of the crisis we all face.

Tomas Pueyo’s recent article provides a sobering and simple outline of how each and every one of us can help the crisis. I recommend each leader read this article and distribute it to their team as well as to other leaders they know. What we need to do becomes trivially, although painfully simple.

Be a leader: Expand the quarantine to the maximum possible extent within your domain of influence, and influence your peers to do the same.

We as leaders should not succumb to the pressures, supporting non-crisis-essential activities that are happening in areas that are not locked down yet. We can accelerate the migration of the economy to a crisis-essential-only operation. 
This is a simple call for action:

Take the right path, and make the short term sacrifice of a voluntary extension of the quarantine.

I am calling on leaders to start taking a proactive action, applying pressure on other leaders to do the same. You are all faced with dilemmas like this every day. Start making the simple and right choices on the questions you control. The purpose is not flatten the curve, but, to arrest the pandemic and save millions from death and minimize the upcoming economic depression that will impact billions. 

Benny Buller
CEO, Velo3D Inc.

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