Tooling Inserts

With the addition of M300, Velo3D offers the opportunity for improved performance through higher quality, large diameter channels with improved downskin roughness and dimensionality. It is ideal for tooling applications such as High Pressure Die Cast (HPDC) inserts, injection molding, and other types of tooling.


By leveraging Velo3D’s technology for microturbines, dozens of parts can be consolidated into a single unit. Designers can implement the optimal design that yields turbines that are more efficient, with a higher power density, and a lower weight. This increases the applications where gas turbines will compete, creating a new wave of innovation in power generation.

Pressure Vessels

When printing pressure vessels and fuel tanks, engineers can meet their design objectives and adapt quickly to changing product requirements. With the ability to print a complete system in a single part, engineers can have a fully functional assembly that is lighter, stronger, and reduces the risk for leaks.


By leveraging Velo3D’s technology, designers can implement the optimal design that yields high quality internal channels and print in orientations that yield balanced parts. This increases the applications where turbopumps will compete, creating a new wave of cutting-edge applications.

Heat Exchangers

With Velo3D‘s fully integrated manufacturing solution, engineers can manufacture higher quality internal channels, flow paths, and high aspect ratio walls for new designs that optimize heat transfer.

Application Experts

Our expert Application Engineers mentor, and assist, our customers through the entire Velo3D AM manufacturing process helping you get the complex part you need printed.

Performance Focused

Whether you’re new to AM or are experienced with conventional AM, our Applications team will guide you on a successful path to the complex part you need. We’re there to help you optimize the process every step of the way from concept to scaled production, without compromise. Our Customer Application Experts give your team the training, process, and materials guidance that will accelerate your path to first print success. We help deliver what you need, when you need it, with the quality you expect.

Enabling AM Adoption

With the Velo3D solution, our systems ship application-ready from day one. That means that there is no process development needed saving you months on realizing your innovations in metal. In addition, we help reduce your learning curve with complete end to end additive manufacturing training and walk throughs with specific process guidance and techniques to ensure competence and on time part delivery at expected quality.

No Purchase Required

As an application partner, you can choose to purchase a Velo3D Sapphire solution or take advantage of our network of experienced contract manufacturers. There is no purchase required to take advantage of the world’s most advanced metal AM solution.

If you do purchase one of our printers, you become part of the extended Velo3D family. 

Robust Operator Training

Attend one of Velo3D’s operator training programs to learn best practices, improve safety, speed up your green-to-green time, improve factory yield, and boost overall productivity. Gain a greater degree of independence and expertise in running the industries most sophisticated metal AM solution with courses offered at three levels to meet different factory needs for time and capability.

These programs are offered separately for Sapphire & Sapphire XC printers.

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No Purchase Required

Operator Training

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