Case Study

Improving Critical Rocket Engine Performance with Advanced Metal AM

As satellite technology advances, the demand for smaller, more affordable rockets is on the rise. This has spurred a competitive race among companies striving to meet the needs of the evolving space industry. Launcher, a pioneering developer of high-performance rockets, has emerged as a key player in this arena. With their Engine-2 (E2) rocket engine, Launcher aims to efficiently launch small, remote-controlled satellites into orbit.

Discover how Launcher partnered with Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, leveraging their expertise in additive manufacturing, to produce critical components for the world’s most advanced liquid rocket engine. Download the case study to explore how Velo3D’s fully integrated metal AM solution facilitated Launcher’s journey towards achieving unparalleled performance in space propulsion technology.

The Launcher Engine-2, a 3D Printed 22,000 lbf engine propelled by LOX/RP-1, is billed as the world’s highest performing engine for small launchers. 

Key Learnings

Challenging Design Requirements

Launcher faced significant challenges in designing and manufacturing a well-balanced inducer impeller capable of spinning at 30,000 rpm in cryogenic conditions. Achieving balance was crucial to ensure optimal performance and prevent catastrophic failure during operation.

Innovative Metal AM Solution

To address the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods, Launcher partnered with Stratasys Direct Manufacturing and utilized the Velo3D Sapphire system to print complex geometries without compromising part quality or performance.

Successful Implementation and Testing:

Through rigorous post-processing and validation, Stratasys Direct ensured the impeller met all specifications and performance metrics. Field tests of the impeller proved successful, demonstrating efficiency and functionality in real-world conditions. 

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