Case Study

Improving Critical Rocket Engine Performance with Advanced Metal AM

As satellites shrink from the size of a bus to the size of a loaf of bread, more and more companies are racing to develop smaller, lower-cost rockets to support them. Enter Launcher, an innovative developer of high-performance rockets designed to deliver small, remote-controlled satellites to orbit via its Engine-2 (E2) rocket engine.


Download the case study to learn how Launcher utilized Stratasys Direct Manufacturing’s AM expertise to develop critical components for world’s highest performance liquid rocket engine using the Velo3D end-to-end metal AM solution.

The Launcher Engine-2, a 3D Printed 22,000 lbf engine propelled by LOX/RP-1, is billed as the world’s highest performing engine for small launchers.

At a Glance


22,000 lbf (sea level)




365s Isp (2nd stage nozzle, vac)

LOX Cooled


Closed expander cycle with upgrade path to oxidizer-rich staged combustion

98% Combustion Efficiency (C*)


Copper Alloy


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