Case Study

Print and Repeat: Validating Metal AM Part Repeatability & Scalability

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The ability to produce a new part design is common to additive manufacturing (AM). What holds AM back is the technology’s inability to reproduce the same part, system to system, site to site, year after year without requalification.
To help overcome these shortcomings, Velo3D developed a solution designed for scalable, global production. This unique approach provides customers with a scalable, persistent supply chain that delivers identical geometric accuracy and material properties site to site, year after year. Download to read how.

Two choke valves, optimized with IMI’s DRAG technology and printed on a Velo3D Sapphire printer.

You'll Learn

How a choke valve trim printed on a Velo3D Sapphire metal AM printer for IMI Critical Engineering was successfully reproduced one year after its initial qualification using the same print instruction file across a global network of independent contract manufacturers without requalification.

Why this has traditionally proved challenging for other metal AM technologies.

How the Velo3D fully integrated metal AM solution enables true distributed supply chain capability with its ability to print parts with the same material properties in different locations around the world.

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