Case Study

Blending Metal AM & Traditional Manufacturing for Next-Generation Heat Exchangers

PWR Advanced Cooling Technology is an Australia-based manufacturing partner that specializes in cooling systems and heat exchangers, primarily for competitive motorsport. Their clients include teams competing in Formula One, NASCAR, V8 Supercars, MotoGP, and World Rally Championship.
Discover how PWR combined Velo3D’s advanced 3D printing with traditional methods to create high-performance heat exchanger housings.

Velo3D printed heat exchangers featuring 320 μm leak-tight walls and 220 μm turbulators that resulted in a 33 percent lower pressure drop vs the competition. Pressure tested to 6 bar at PWR’s world-class testing facilities, this Water/Oil Heat Exchanger features some of the thinnest leak tight walls ever printed for a metal AM heat exchanger.

Key Highlights

Exceptional Wall Thickness Precision

Velo3D’s metal AM technology enabled the production of heat exchangers with astonishing precision, featuring leak-tight walls as thin as 320 μm. These exceptionally thin walls were a critical achievement in the design, allowing for maximum efficiency in heat exchange.

Innovative Turbulator Design

The heat exchangers incorporated 220 μm turbulators, a groundbreaking design element that contributed significantly to their exceptional performance. These tiny structures played a pivotal role in enhancing heat transfer efficiency.

Superior Pressure Performance

Velo3D’s heat exchangers outperformed the competition with a remarkable 33% lower pressure drop. They were rigorously tested at PWR’s world-class testing facilities, achieving exceptional results even under extreme conditions. Pressure tests up to 6 bar demonstrated the robustness and reliability of these heat exchangers.

Unprecedented Leak Tightness

The Water/Oil Heat Exchanger boasted some of the thinnest leak-tight walls ever produced for a metal AM heat exchanger. This breakthrough in leak tightness not only ensured efficient heat transfer but also highlighted Velo3D’s capability to achieve unmatched precision.

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