What an exciting couple of weeks it has been at Velo3D! The all-new Laser Focused podcast is up and running, and if you enjoyed our first episode with Launcher’s Max Haot, you won’t want to miss episode two titled Equity in Innovation: From Cleaning Up Space Debris to Colonizing Mars, featuring Tess Hatch.

One of my missions when starting Laser Focused was to take listeners on a journey of discovery with innovators that are changing the world, and few are as inspiring as my guest Tess Hatch.

Before her current role in venture capital, Tess studied aerospace engineering at Michigan and Stanford before going on to work with Boeing and SpaceX on some exciting projects.

Today, Tess is a partner at Bessemer Venture Partners and serves as Board Director for Phantom Auto, Spire Global, and Iris Automation.

In this episode, Tess and I talk about everything from space exploration and cleaning up space debris to inspiring the next generation of women in engineering. Tess opens up about her own story, how she was influenced by the American astronaut and pioneer, Sally Ride, and how she carved a path for herself in the world of science and exploration, as well as her interest in fostering entrepreneurship of frontier technology, specifically the commercialization of space, drones, and autonomous vehicles.

She also shares her interesting point of view about how space exploration can lead to improvements back on earth.

Finally, Tess and I talk about space and accessibility. While traveling to space is currently an endeavor reserved for the ultra-wealthy, Tess sees a future where “we travel to space with the frequency in which we travel in an aircraft.”

So, join me for another out of this world episode of Laser Focused that will inspire you!

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Laser Focused can be found on all the major streaming apps, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. Learn more about Laser Focused by visiting velo3d.com/resources/#podcast.


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