Join us in Augsburg, DE

Oil & Gas and Energy Academy

September 26, 2023

9:00 - 18:00 CET

Advance Your Additive Manufacturing Knowledge with Velo3D

If you have struggled with production of high-quality, metal AM parts, our Energy Academy is the perfect opportunity to speak with our team and learn how to overcome those challenges. Hear from Velo3D engineers as they share their experience in scaling up metal additive applications.

Join us and discover how Velo3D can help unlock seemingly impossible designs, achieve greater part performance, and help provide greater part repeatability and supply chain flexibility.


Benefits to Attending

  • Get a complete overview of the Velo3D fully integrated solution:
    • Flow print preparation software
    • Sapphire family of metal AM printers
    • Assure quality control software
    • Intelligent Fusion—the underlying manufacturing process that ties it all together
  • Learn how Velo3D helps reduce costs and supply chain risks for specialized parts while staying on track and improving project timelines.
  • See real-world examples of customer-printed parts that are achieving greater innovation, performance, reliability, and repeatability across the aerospace, energy, and space industries.
  • Learn if Velo3D is right for your application or part with 1:1 discussions and live Q&A with Velo3D technical and business development experts.

Key Topics

Fully Integrated Solution

Learn about our Flow pre-print software, parameter library, Sapphire family of printers, metrology suite, and Assure quality assurance software.

Preparing Parts for Production

Become familiar with the technical capabilities of our solution and how to take advantage of it in partnership with our Business Development and Technical Sales teams.

Path to Part Qualification

Learn about our NASA-guided program to maximize metal AM material readiness with real-world examples of successfully scaled part qualification.

Velo3D's European Technology Center

Am Technologiezentrum 5 86159 Augsburg, Germany
Our EU technology center is one of the most advanced AM facilities in Europe. From safety, design, and manufacturing, our Augsburg location expands Velo3D’s footprint and helps meet growing demand for our fully integrated solution.

Why You Should Attend

Fast track your understanding of the Velo3D solution in an educational setting
Get an up-close look at real parts printed using Velo3D’s metal AM technology
Ask questions and get answers straight from technical experts
Walk away with a deep understanding of our solution’s capabilities

Our Speakers

Zach Murphree – Vice President Global Sales & Business Development

Sales Director - Germany

Frank Seifert

Zach Murphree – Vice President Global Sales & Business Development

EMEA Marketing Manager

Lucia Lamar

Zach Murphree – Vice President Global Sales & Business Development

Technical Sales Engineer

Michael Harsch

Feedback from Past Attendees

"These events are a great way to bridge the gap in showing that you are out there to educate the industry on AM."

Beehive Industries

"I had no idea this event would be this great. I am blow away."

Honeywell Aerospace

"Great show yesterday. I’m even more sold you your systems’ capabilities."

Air Force Research Laboratory

"I enjoyed the event yesterday and learned a bit more about what differentiates Velo from others."

ASTM International