Strategic Solutions for Defense

Velo3D metal additive manufacturing technology stands at the ready to reinforce defense organizations in their efforts to produce and deploy today’s most advanced components for critical Air, Land, Sea, and Space operations. With a number of active projects that advance the Department of Defense’s Critical Technology Areas (Hypersonics, Space, and others), Velo3D is a key partner is achieving a clear strategic advantage for the US and allied military forces.

Whether it’s rapid development of end-use parts for future mission critical applications or producing vital spares, Velo3D provides DoD organizations with a fully integrated, scalable, and deployable manufacturing solution for high-performance, mission-critical components.

Muzzle Brake Printed for the US Military on a Sapphire XC 1MZ Printer from Inconel 718

Velo3D Metal Additive Manufacturing for Defense Applications

Increase Battlefield Superiority

  • Use metal AM to develop cutting edge new technologies for the future warfighter or extend the life of existing assets and respond to today’s readiness challenge.
  • Capitalize on large format capabilities with 600 mm (23.6 in) by 1000 mm (39.4 in) build volumes and eight one-kilowatt lasers with seamless overlay.

Achieve Operational Agility

  • Create a scalable manufacturing supply chain for US production and production at global military bases.
  • Leverage a digital inventory of qualified parts with a secure, digital print file that can be used at any Velo3D enabled facility to print parts to original specifications.

Mitigate Lead Time

  • Reduce the casting queue and get the parts you need quickly to increase readiness by producing high-quality parts with aerospace-grade materials.
  • Print consolidated assemblies that cut down on labor intensive, difficult piece part operations to streamline the supply chain.

US-Based Provider

  • Work with Velo3D, a US-based trail blazer in laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) technology who has demonstrated advancements in critical fields like space, advanced materials, and hypersonics.
  • Velo3D is compliant with Buy American with more than half of components sourced in the US.

Ensuring Warfighter Readiness with Metal Additive Manufacturing

Velo3D's mission is to drive innovation in defense through advanced additive manufacturing, providing defense organizations with high-performance metal 3D printing solutions for optimized parts. Our technology ensures quicker production, improved scalability, enhanced security, and superior part performance, all backed by a US-based support and manufacturing network. Explore our capabilities in this whitepaper.

Velo3D’s Fully Integrated AM Solution for Military Applications

With a cylindrical 600 mm diameter x 1000 mm z-height build volume, the Sapphire XC 1MZ is the largest printer available from a leading laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) supplier and offers a powerful, scalable path to manufacturing.

Available in:

Eight 1kW lasers

  • Sapphire XC — 600 mm Ø x 550 mm z
  • Sapphire XC 1MZ — 600 mm Ø x 1000 mm z

Two 1kW lasers

  • Sapphire — 315 mm Ø x 400 mm z
  • Sapphire 1MZ — 315 mm Ø x 1000 mm z

    Flow Print Preparation Software

    Flow pre-print software simplifies the metal AM workflow with a comprehensive solution to layout your build, customize parameters, simulate thermomechanical behavior of the print, and conduct detailed inspections of print instructions. With direct import of native CAD, Flow also eliminates many of the issues associated with STL conversion. Users can determine the optimal process for applications by transferring existing parameter sets or creating new ones with Flow Developer.

    Flow Developer

    Flow Developer enables engineers to determine the optimal process for their application by unlocking the ability to transfer or create their own parameter sets into Flow. This eliminates the need to restart projects, granting access to Sapphire printers’ control, quality, and repeatability allowing engineers to achieve their program goals. Users now have maximum flexibility, visibility, and control with the power to create, modify, and inspect processes all within one software platform.

    Sapphire Family of Printers

    The Sapphire family of printers are capable of printing complex geometries including low angle prints down to zero degrees, high aspect ratio structures, large inner diameters, and many other features that traditional manufacturing technologies and conventional AM printers struggle to produce.

    Assure Quality Control Software

    Assure provides unprecedented traceability of machine health, part integrity, and build reporting. Working in concert with Sapphire and Flow, Assure, a revolutionary quality control software, enables visibility into every layer of the build through real-time, multisensor, physics-based excursion detection algorithms.

    Join the Next Industrial Revolution

    Contact us today and learn how to simplify and scale your manufacturing needs with Velo3D’s advanced metal AM technology.

    Pre-Qualified Materials for Military & Defense

    From military vehicles and aircraft to other defense systems, Velo3D offers a dynamic and evolving library of trusted materials.

    Available Today:

    • Aheadd® CP1
    • Haynes® 214®
    • Aluminum F357
    • Inconel® 718
    • Copper C18150
    • Inconel® 625
    • Copper GRCop-42
    • Scalmalloy
    • forAM® Haynes® 282®1
    • Stainless 415
    • Hastelloy® C22
    • Steel M300
    • Hastelloy® X
    • Ti 6AI-4V
    • Hastelloy® C22®

    Coming Soon:

    Copper-Nickel, Titanium Ti6242

    1. Powder is produced by Höganäs under License from Haynes International, Inc.

    Velo3D Customer Support

    We prioritize delivering a seamless experience for our customers from the start, ensuring efficient onboarding, high-quality print outputs, comprehensive training, and reliable support.

    • Seamless Onboarding: Our Technical Account Management and Installation teams ensure a smooth onboarding process, enabling customers to quickly leverage our advanced manufacturing solutions.
    • Proactive Engagement: Our Print Quality and Applications teams continuously monitor and optimize print processes to ensure reliable and consistent operations.
    • Comprehensive Training: Our Training and Documentation teams provide resources, including training sessions and documentation, to empower your staff with the skills needed to maximize Velo3D systems.
    • Reliable Support: Our Maintenance and Support teams offer ongoing assistance throughout the warranty and extended support periods, ensuring minimal downtime and reinforcing our commitment to strong partnerships.

    With Velo3D, you can be confident in a smooth, successful, and supported experience from start to finish.


    Maintaining Battlefield Superiority with Metal 3D Printing

    From military vehicles and aircraft to other defense systems, Velo3D offers a dynamic and evolving library of trusted materials.

    Velo3D Sapphire Printers Become the First Metal 3D Printers to Achieve the U.S. Department of Defense’s Green-level STIG Compliance

    STIG certification gives Government Agencies, Contractors, and other security-conscious customers enhanced protection against cyberattacks

    Advancing Supersonic Technologies: The Velo3D and Lockheed Martin Collaboration

    Download a detailed overview of a ramjet engine printed on a 1-meter-tall Sapphire XC 1MZ in Inconel® 718. This piece showcases advanced in-situ process monitoring, with key features like part consolidation, perforated boundary layer bleed, efficient flow channels, and a support-free bleed air-injected flame holder.