3Din30 Recap: Is Velo3D’s Golden Print File the ‘Midas Touch’ for Metal AM?

3Din30 is Velo3D’s Youtube and LinkedIn Live channel featuring speakers from multiple links in the additive manufacturing supply chain. We discuss new topics about every 2 weeks. Each session lasts about 30 minutes.

Episode 28: Is Velo3D’s Golden Print File the ‘Midas Touch’ for Metal AM?


A lot of metal 3D printing was developed under the assumption that customers need bespoke, artisan solutions. This market has grown significantly over the last 30 years but is still minuscule compared to the overall metal parts manufacturing space.  What if there was a larger market?

In our experience, there is a huge, mostly untapped market for consistent, repeatable, multi-sourced production—similar to what you find for traditional manufacturing solutions. From what we have seen, this market may end up being orders of magnitude larger than the artisan market currently served today.  It might seem like this is obvious, but it has not been the direction for metal 3D printing in the past.

This new ‘scalable AM’ market seems much larger than the existing metal AM industry. Let’s find out! During this on-demand 3D in 30, we welcome Velo3D Business Development Manager Brent Hansen to talk about the recent progress we’ve made in accessing this new untapped ‘blue ocean’ market.

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