Laser Focused Episode 11 – Revolutionizing Spacecraft Propulsion

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Podcast

Welcome back for another episode of Laser Focused. For episode 11, Revolutionizing Spacecraft Propulsion, I’m joined by Ali Bagchehsara Founder and President of Plasmos.

Plasmos is a California-based space mobility propulsion manufacturer with a goal of democratizing space mobility.

The company is utilizing additive manufacturing (AM) to build spacecraft propulsion using a combined liquid electric approach. By doing so, Plasmos aims to solve the commercial space industry’s last-mile delivery problem by building a reusable space tug for greater low earth orbit (LEO) affordability as well as a Spacetruck that can reach farther orbits.

On this episode, I chat with Ali about a whole range of things: From building a company from scratch to how metal 3D printing is helping Plasmos compete in a very competitive industry. We even chat about his immigration to the US and how the experience is akin to that of a budding entrepreneur.

But what gave him that initial push to start his own company?

I ask Ali about his time working at Airbus and his transition to being a founder of several startup companies. He chats about some of the personal and financial hurdles he had to consider and likens the experience to trying to survive after “jumping in cold water”.

We also get into the founding of Plasmos and the challenges Ali had to overcome in seeking both outside investment and validation for his idea to combine chemical and electric propulsion into one system.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an episode of Laser Focused without some discussion of advanced manufacturing technology, and Ali was more than happy to chat about the ways additive manufacturing is helping Plasmos overcome the technical challenges of building a reusable spacecraft that will reduce the cost of production by nearly 65 percent when compared to its competitors.

So, join me once again for another fascinating episode of Laser Focused, where I take you on a journey of discovery with leaders who are changing the world with new designs and revolutionizing how we think of innovation.

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