Laser Focused Episode 3 – Pedal to the 3D Metal Printing: Driving Automotive Performance with AM

May 10, 2022

I hope you’re excited because we have another excellent installment of Laser Focused for you.

In this week’s episode “Pedal to the 3D Metal Printing: Driving Automotive Performance with Additive Manufacturing”, I’m joined by Torven Taylour, Mechanical Design Engineer & Draftsperson at PWR Performance Products, which is a leading manufacturer in the automotive cooling market.

My conversation with Torven, who lives and works in Queensland, Australia, centered on his work with some of the biggest names in performance sports.

Of course, it’s always a treat chatting with a fellow Australian, but it was especially enlightening to learn how PWR is using the Velo3D end-to-end solution to give Formula 1 teams a competitive edge by 3D printing high-performance heat exchangers.

As you may know, one of the main focuses of the podcast is innovation, so of course I had to ask Torven why these organizations are increasingly looking to metal 3D printing for performance gains.

He explains that some PWR’s clients appreciate the Sapphire’s controlled process, its ability to print thin walls (very important for heat exchangers), and the resulting parts lack of porosity.

And for any aspiring design engineers, Torven and I discuss the university course that set him down the path to developing a career in metal 3D printing, the innovations being discovered through additive manufacturing, and some general misconceptions about metal 3D printing.

Finally, Torven also had some interesting things to say about the design principles he’d never compromise on.

So, let’s rev our engines, click on the link below, and join me for another episode of Laser Focused!

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