Laser Focused Episode 4 – From BWM to Blockchain: Talking Innovation, Tech, & Brand Building

by | May 24, 2022 | Podcast

On this week’s episode of Laser Focused, I sit down with Stefan Krause former BMW CFO and member of Velo3D’s board of directors.

Stefan is a longtime friend, mentor, and one of the most influential figures in the automotive world.

In addition to his tenure at BMW, he has held positions at Rolls Royce, was the former CFO for Deutsche Bank, and is the CIO and CFO of Levere Holdings Acquisition Corp., a SPAC focused on Mobility in Europe. Stefan is also the Founder of EV manufacturer Canoo.

This week, Stefan and I discuss the early stages of his career, from growing up in Colombia during the time of Pablo Escobar to how he inherited his father’s entrepreneurial spirit and developed a deep connection to the automotive world.

We discuss his meteoric rise in the automotive industry, including his 20 years spent at BMW, where he served as the German automaker’s youngest ever CFO.

Stefan also opens up about his globetrotting professional career as well as his time serving on the boards of many public companies in Europe and the U.S.

He also shares a fascinating story about the time he interviewed at Apple with former CEO Steve Jobs just a mere few weeks before his death.

Despite successful stints on the financial side of things, Stefan shares how his unyielding passion for automotive, coupled with is family’s entrepreneurial background, was a constant presence throughout his career and how it eventually led him to throw his hat in the ring and start his own mobility company, Canoo.

We dive into the process an EV start up undergoes and what sets Canoo apart from the competition. We also discuss the science behind electric vehicles, how the industry of personal transportation has evolved since the days of the horse drawn carriage, and when the best time is for entrepreneurs to start making investments in building a brand and brand identity.

And finally, Stefan provides listeners with a better understanding of how companies are going about producing new modes of transportation—all to create a world where last-mile delivery works for both people and the planet.

So, press play and prepare yourself for an in-depth conversation with one of our most exciting industry innovators to date.

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