Laser Focused Episode 7 – Earth to Orbit – Improving Launch Efficiency & Reducing Negative Impacts

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Podcast

Welcome to another informative and inspiring episode of Laser Focused, presented by Velo3D, where every two weeks, I take listeners on a journey of discovery by interviewing leaders who are changing the world with new designs and innovations.

For episode seven of the Laser Focused podcast, I sit down with Bachar Elzein, CEO & CTO at Reaction Dynamics, a Canadian rocket propulsion company that has created a greener approach to commercial launch technology, one that uses hybrid propulsion to provide a more reliable and eco-friendly launch system.

Reaction Dynamics is working to reduce the cost of earth-to-orbit launches through innovative designs, breakthrough analysis, and robust systems implementation.

On this week’s episode, Bachar talks about hybrid rocket engines, what makes them different from traditional liquid rocket engines, how they have been historically overlooked due to their performance limitations, and how Rocket Dynamics has solved these problems with a series of key innovations.

Listen to a snippet:

For fans of additive manufacturing (AM), and I imagine there are a few of you out there like me, Bachar shares how Reaction Dynamics is using AM in innovative ways to improve efficiency and reduce the negative impacts of freight distribution, including the design and manufacturing of new iterations of his company’s RE-202 engine.

I also ask him what goes into selecting an AM solution, including some of the key drivers behind his decision to evaluate metal additive manufacturing technology in the first place.

We also dive into what it’s like being the only Canadian company sending rockets into space in an industry dominated by US-based space companies and the influence of Elon Musk’s SpaceX on the commercial space industry.

Bachar also talks about some of his most memorable professional achievements, how the aerospace industry has evolved over the course of his career, and some of the important lessons he’s learned as an entrepreneur breaking new ground in such a competitive industry.

So once again, I invite you to sit back and enjoy what I hope you’ll find to be another interesting and inspiring episode of Laser Focused!

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