forAM Haynes 282

Ideal for high temperature applications such as gas turbine & power/process industry parts.

Material & Process Capability

This powder is produced by Höganäs under license from Haynes International. Inc. It is a vacuum induction melted, argon gas atomized, spherical powder for additive manufacturing. Velo3D has qualified this powder, produced by Höganäs AB, a world leader in metal powder production, under license from Haynes International, for use in the Sapphire family of printers. The Velo3D fully integrated metal AM solution uniquely enables companies to build the parts they need without compromising design or quality – resulting in complex parts higher in performance than casting or other methods.

This alloy is a gamma-prime strengthened nickel-chromium-cobalt superalloy for high temperature applications and shows a good balance of creep strength at high temperatures, thermal stability, weldability, and fabricability.

General Process

In addition to its strength, the alloy is characterized by its superb fatigue, creep, and corrosion resistance under extreme conditions; it is ideal for high temperature applications such as gas turbine and power/process industry parts.

This data sheet specifies the expected mechanical properties and characteristics of this alloy when manufactured on a Velo3D Sapphire System. All data is based on parts built using Velo3D standard 50 μm layer thickness parameters. Parts built with this alloy on a Sapphire System can be heat treated like those manufactured by other methods.

Sapphire 1MZ
Sapphire XC
Sapphire XC 1MZ
Typical Volume Rate1, cc/hr60240
Density, g/cc (lbs/cubic inch)8.28 (0.299)
Relative Density, percent99.9+
Surface Finish2, Sa, μm (μin)<15 (590)

Mechanical Properties at Room Temperature

As PrintedAfter Heat Treatment & HIP4
Property3Mean -3σMeanMean -3σMean
Modulus of Elasticity, GPa (msi)126 (18.3)152 (22.0)186 (27.0)201 (29.2)
Ultimate Tensile Strength, MPa (ksi)850 (123)862 (125)1141 (165.5)1158 (168.0)
Yield (0.2% Off set), MPa (ksi)547 (79.3)573 (83.1)711 (103)743 (108)
Elongation At Break, percent44.947.329.334.5
1. Geometry-dependent. 2. For angles >25° from horizontal, actual fi nish depends on orientation and process selected. 3. Mechanical & test samples printed in vertical orientation. 4. Hot Isostatic Pressing at 1175°C (2150°F) & 14750 psi +/-250 psi for 4 hours, rapid cool. Vacuum Solution Heat Treat at 1135°C (2075°F) for 30 min. Two-step vacuum age, first at 1010°C (1850°F) for two hours followed by rapid air cool, then at 790°C (1450°F) for eight hours, followed by rapid air cool.

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