Titanium 6AI-4V

Used in jet engines, gas turbines, pressure vessels, & biomechanical components.

Material & Process Capability

Ti-6Al-4V is an alpha-beta titanium alloy characterized by its strength-to-mass ratio and corrosion resistance. It is a lightweight yet strong alloy suitable for highly loaded structures, including aerospace jet engines, gas turbines, pressure vessels and biomechanical components.

The Velo3D intelligent additive printing solution uniquely enables companies to build the parts they need without compromising design or quality – resulting in complex, higher performance parts than traditional casting techniques or other additive methods.

General Process

Three common heat treatment processes for Ti-6AI-4V include mill annealing, duplex annealing, and solution treating and aging. Parts built using Ti-6Al-4V on a Velo3D Sapphire® System can be heat treated in a manner similar to other methods.

This data sheet specifies the expected mechanical properties and characteristics of this alloy when manufactured on a Velo3D Sapphire System. All data is based on parts built with Velo3D standard 50 μm layer thickness parameters, using standard 15-53 μm Ti-6Al-4V grade 5 powder.

Typical Volume Rate1, cc/hr45
Density, g/cc (lbs/cubic inch)4.43 (0.16)
Relative Density, percent99.9+
Surface Finish2, Sa, μm (μin)<15 (590) for angles >25° from horizontal

Mechanical Properties at Room Temperature

After Heat Treatment4After Hot Isostatic Pressing5
Property3Mean -3σMeanMean -3σMean
Modulus of Elasticity, GPa (msi)95 (13.8)115 (16.7)107 (15.5)112 (16.2)
Ultimate Tensile Strength, MPa (ksi)970 (141)994 (144)988 (143)1009 (146)
Yield (0.2% Off set), MPa (ksi)798 (116)819 (119)822 (119)838 (122)
Elongation At Break, percent17211317
1. Geometry-dependent. 2. Depends on orientation and process selected. 3. Mechanical & test samples printed in vertical orientation, machined to ASTM E8 (round specimen #3).
4. Heat treatment: anneal 2 hours at 800°C in argon atmosphere. 5. Hot Isostatic Pressing: 2 hours at 800°C and 200 MPa, processed at Quintus Technologies.

DS-Ti6Al4V.EN.2023-12-18.v1-16.U.USL 0905-08855_E 2023-12-88. Specifications are subject to change without notice.