Velo3D Announces Record Sales Growth for Q3 2019

by | October 9, 2019

CAMPBELL, CA, October 9, 2019 — Velo3D, an innovator in metal Additive Manufacturing (AM), announced today record sales growth in Q3, closing the quarter with sales totaling $15 million. This brings total sales for the first year of commercialization to $24 million.

Velo3D launched their advanced Sapphire 3D metal printer in Q4 2018, which was also the first quarter of commercial sales.

Velo3D is best known for its ability to build low-angle geometries without support structures.  Where existing powder bed AM machines will typically require supports for angles below 45 degrees, the Sapphire 3D printer can handle angles below 10 degrees, enabling geometries to be built that were once considered impossible. It can also build large inner diameters up to 40 mm (1.57”) without need of supports, as compared to 10 mm with existing metal AM systems.

Velo3D achieves this through hardware innovations beyond existing metal AM printer capabilities, such as a non-contact recoater system that is tolerant to metal protrusion in the powder bed, and its Flow™ software that decomposes geometry into characteristic features to be assigned the optimal processing.

“Velo3D’s commercial launch was exactly a year ago and we have received very positive reception from the market,” says Benny Buller, Velo3D’s founder and CEO. “I’m thrilled that our Sapphire printer is helping an increasing number of innovative OEM and contract manufacturing firms and thankful that the market has recognized Velo3D as an innovator in AM.”

About Velo3D

Velo3D empowers companies to manufacture anything. By bringing together innovations in software, hardware, and process control, Velo3D created the industry’s first SupportFree solution for 3D metal printing, enabling unlimited design innovation by reducing the need for support structures in metal additive manufacturing. The company’s Sapphire system is built with a semiconductor mindset on quality assurance, ensuring repeatability and dependability throughout serial manufacturing. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Velo3D helps companies deliver immediate business impact by making the impossible, possible. To learn more, please visit

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