Join us for an in-person event in Toulouse, France!

Seeing is Believing

Additive Manufacturing Roadshow

Thursday, Sept 15th

14:00 – 17:00

Meet the Makers & Advance Your Additive Manufacturing Knowledge with Velo3D  

Whether you’re new to metal additive manufacturing (AM) or have some experience with conventional AM technologies, our upcoming “Seeing is Believing” roadshow in Toulouse, France is the perfect opportunity to learn how Velo3D’s end-to-end solution is pushing the boundaries of what AM can achieve.

Come and discover how Velo3D can help unlock seemingly impossible designs, achieve greater part performance, and help provide greater part repeatability and supply chain flexibility.

Benefits to Attending

  •  Get a complete overview and discover what’s possible with Velo3D’s end-to-end solution (FlowTM Print Preparation Software, Sapphire® Family of Printers, AssureTM Quality Control Solution, and our Underlying manufacturing process Intelligent Fusion®).
  • Learn how Velo3D helps reduce costs and supply chain risks for specialized parts while staying on track for shorter project timelines.
  • See real-world examples of parts printed by our customers that are helping them achieve greater innovation, performance, reliability, and repeatability across aerospace, energy, and space industries.
  • Learn if Velo3D is right for your application or part with dedicated 1:1 discussions and live Q&A with Velo3D technical experts.

Learn from Velo3D experts

Stade Toulousain Rugby

114, rue des Troènes
BP 42354
31022 Toulouse Cedex 2

About the venue:

Located in the heart of the legendary Ernest Wallon enclosure, this modular and fully equipped event space offers original, friendly and modular reception areas for all your corporate events. Permanent residence of the pro players of the State Toulousian, the stadium is more than just a rugby stadium which hosts the home matches of its team. It is a great place to live for sports enthusiasts of course, but also for anyone who has the opportunity to enter there one day!