Experts in isotropic superfinishing with +55 years in business and process applications on the most critical components and platforms including +70 major aerospace platforms, +35,000 life-critical medical devices, multiple Lunar and Martian rovers, and multiple rocket engine designs. Inventors of the Extreme ISF® Process, a suite of chemical/chemical-mechanical polishing processes, REM’s technology can be applied to challenging geometries such as channels and lattices, and it is proven to increase dynamic fatigue resistance, decrease pressure drop, reduce RF losses, improve cleanliness, and impart many other benefits to metal AM components. REM has won multiple NASA and Air Force SBIRs to support the use of AM for applications including liquid rocket engines utilizing advanced superalloys and novel copper alloys and separately titanium, aluminum, and superalloy sustainment components. REM’s technology is available both as an outsourced service and for customer installation.

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2107 Longwood Drive, Brenham
TX, 77833, USA


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