VELOVirtual: The Secret to Solving O&G Supply Chain Pressure

Join Velo3D along with our industry partners and customers for a deep dive into technology and applications


The Secret to Solving Oil & Gas Supply Chain Pressure

Parts like IMI-CCI’s High Pressure Flow Control Element take full advantage of AM to produce geometrically complex but also strong and lightweight designs. And at IMI-CCI, parts like this have been at the center of an entire new business unit designed to help customers find flow control solutions with AM technology.

But this VELOVirtual tells a different story—one about the other half of the journey. What happens after you prove the concept? In mission critical industries like Oil & Gas or Nuclear Power, a significant challenge is qualifying AM technology and competing with the volumes of data present for conventional manufacturing. These industries rely on decades of material development. The transition to AM requires careful consideration, new standards, and a scaled, global supply chain approach.  How do you resolve these challenges?

For this session, we welcome the R&D Director of IMICCI, Steve Freitas, and Velo3D’s Director of Business Development, Zach Walton, as we share the success of printing mission critical parts for the oil and gas industry.

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