VELOVirtual On-Demand Webinar How to Leave Your Mark with Metal AM (Part II)

Join Velo3D along with our industry partners and customers for a deep dive into technology and applications

How to Leave Your Mark with Metal AM (Part II)

Velo3D’s Senior Applications Engineer Daniel Driscoll, examines many of the new innovations unlocked by Velo3D’s end to end solution.

As a designer, you probably aspire to change the world for the better, revise how we do things, or create a new capability that everyone else thinks is impossible – to “Leave Your Mark” on the world. But while you can design your innovation, can you actually manufacture it? And can you do so at the performance and time requirements needed to make a business case? 

As we learn about our customers and see the different applications that leverage our technology, we see clear trends toward specific geometries that generate business.

This session covers:

  • Why all additive manufacturing can’t “just print it?”
  • How Velo3D is unique from other AM?
  • A deep dive into applications that generate business
  • Summary and Q&A
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