DfAM has forced engineers to make concessions in the name of manufacturability rather than designing the best part possible. Thankfully, recent advancements in additive manufacturing technology have freed us from its constraints.

To discuss DfAM—along with strategies and insights on how to overcome its limitations—join manufacturing experts from Mohawk Innovative Technology, IMI Critical, The Barnes Global Advisors and Velo3D, for a roundtable on how advance AM is enabling true design freedom and helping organizations achieve new heights of innovation.

Our session will cover 4 key insights you can leverage when considering advanced additive manufacturing:
– How advanced metal AM has delivered on the original promise of AM to help IMI and Mohawk achieve unprecedented feats of engineering
– The journey to advanced metal AM and how to overcome common roadblocks
– How to step outside of DfAM limits to print complex parts with the high-performance material you need
– The cost-benefit of additive manufacturing without DfAM limitations