As more companies look to advanced metal AM technology to gain an edge on the competition, it’s now more important than ever to understand the exact requirements needed for a successful print. While Velo3D has taken a significant amount of work out of the process, with a full end-to-end solution, we have yet to reach the simplicity so often seen in science fiction.

The optimization of the additive process can be challenging for companies without the required skill sets and experience. For this 3Din30,we welcome Andrew Carter and Jesse Marin from Stratasys Direct Manufacturing to talk about their unique approach to solving those challenges, including their optimization process, their focus on critical customer requirements, and their team approach to ensuring part quality.

This session covers:

  • The skills needed for additive optimization
  • Preparation needed for successful downstream processing
  • Post processing capabilities of Stratasys Direct Manufacturing
  • The impact of post processing on part quality