For high performance metal parts, quality is critical. In fact, if you’ve been watching our previous 3Din30 sessions, you know that quality is a hot topic for metal AM adoption. Laser Power Bed Fusion, the type of metal AM process that Velo3D uses, is a new manufacturing technology for many engineers. And we realize that it is important for engineers to become familiar with this process to build (and achieve) their innovations.

So, we are going to give you a deep dive into never before revealed secrets of the Velo3D process starting with optimizing gas flow. The development, management, and monitoring of gas flow sounds simple, but it can be one of the most critical elements in achieving high quality parts. But that is not all! We also review how multi-laser and high-power laser processing introduce new opportunities and challenges. Lastly, we look at what is (potentially) next for the technology that could make AM a source for higher volume production. We’ve got lots of game changing innovation to cover!

Join Velo3D’s Drs Gregory Brown and Zach Murphree as we look under the hood of what makes Velo3D an ideal solution to produce mission critical metal parts.