Driving the Future of Innovation Part 2:

What an Advanced Metal AM Solution Looks Like
As industries evolve, and the need for parts becomes more complex—lighter weight, more intricate geometries, etc.—conventional methods of manufacturing are proving insufficient to handle the demands of innovation. Where the Velo3D advanced metal additive manufacturing (AM) separates itself from conventional metal AM systems is through its synergy of hardware and software. With Velo3D, engineers now have the tools to tackle even the most daunting design and manufacturing challenges thanks to a combination of fully integrated software and state-of-the-art hardware capable of handling complex geometries with unprecedented reliability and repeatability.
In this second part of our “Driving the Future of Innovation with Advanced Metal AM” whitepaper series, we explore what defines and separates Velo3D’s end-to-end advanced metal AM solution from traditional production methods and conventional metal AM technology.

Key Learnings

What an advanced Metal AM solution looks like

How print preparation compares between advanced metal AM and legacy systems

How Velo3D’s end-to-end advanced Metal AM solutions help build flexible supply chains

Success stories from Aerospace, Energy and Space industries using the Velo3D end-to-end solution

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