Innovator’s Guide to Metal AM

A comprehensive look at preserving design freedom & additive manufacturing
By understanding the capabilities of the Velo3D fully integrated solution, engineers can fully optimize their new designs or produce existing designs with a more agile supply chain. By unlocking this geometric freedom, and by taking advantage of the solution’s improved quality control, the move to production parts is inevitable.
In this whitepaper, we explore how to successfully adopt metal additive manufacturing (AM) for your company and help guide you through our proven process so you can find the right part to begin production.

Key Learnings

An overview of the Velo3D fully integrated solution

Current alloys available on the Sapphire family of printers

Technical specifications for circular holes, domes, conical surfaces, thin pins, and thin walls

Surface roughness vs. angle from downfacing to up facing

Do More and Go Further with Velo3D

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