Scaling Metal AM for Production

Explore the forefront of metal additive manufacturing with Velo3D’s insightful whitepaper.  This comprehensive document showcases how our integrated solutions, featuring laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) technology, are set to revolutionize industry standards by enhancing precision, performance, and scalability.
This whitepaper is essential for engineers and industry professionals looking to leverage metal AM for production at scale, ensuring high quality, reduced costs, and environmental benefits.

Key Learnings

Advanced LPBF Technology

Learn how Velo3D’s sophisticated laser powder bed fusion technology enables streamlined workflows and consistent quality across demanding industries, reducing risks and enhancing performance.

Flow Software Integration

Discover the seamless integration of Flow print preparation software with the Sapphire family of metal 3D printers, enabling efficient layout, customization, and simulation of thermomechanical behavior for higher-performing parts.

Sapphire Family of Printers

Uncover the unique capabilities of the Sapphire printers, including proprietary non-contact recoater technology for precision and protection, ensuring superior geometric accuracy and material properties.

Assure Quality Control Software

Gain insights into how Assure software provides unparalleled traceability and real-time quality validation, enhancing machine health and part integrity through detailed sensor monitoring and analytics

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