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by | Apr 19, 2021 | Interviews

Recently, Velo3D founder and CEO Benny Buller had an opportunity to sit down with CNBC’s Morgan Brennan to discuss not only Velo3D’s recent special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) merger and its move to go public, but why this decision was made. During the conversation, Buller touched on some of the finer points of additive manufacturing, and helped illustrate a vision that reveals why Velo3D is a platform and partner that customers trust in their expansion efforts.

At one key point in the interview, Buller was asked if a full-on acquisition was a viable path forward for Velo3D, which he responded to with a larger mission that guides the company and influences its core decision making.

“Velo3D is my life’s work,” Buller said, “and we are just at the beginning. My idea when founding this company, and my vision, is to build a great public company that would allow many companies—and really, the whole of mankind—to invent things and get things into production in a new way, and much faster way.”

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Keeping Velo3D’s technology available to the broader market enables innovation that serves everybody instead of only benefiting one company, and one sector. This more democratized vision of the potential of additive manufacturing and laser powder bed fusion can be the flashpoint for new transformational technologies in everything from energy and aerospace to automotive and space.

Because of the myriad of applications for Velo3D’s technology, it serves to nurture innovation at every stage of a company’s progress, which is a key reason why so many of Velo3D’s customers choose to stay and expand with our company.

Velo3D is There Every Step of the Way

At its core, Velo3D puts the power in the hands of individual companies and innovators to take control of their own parts manufacturing. By enabling a turnaround time on components and significantly lowering their cost of production, companies are able to innovate much faster without the lag times of traditional parts manufacturing.

“When you look at an engine some assemblies contain tens or even hundreds of parts,” Buller said. “Those could be made at a fraction of the time; typically one tenth to even one thirtieth of the time, at a significantly lower cost.”

This significant reduction in the time and cost associated with obtaining components makes Velo3D a trusted partner during a company’s research and development phase. By empowering companies with a full-stack software and hardware suite of services, it enables them to better control their trials, and make necessary adjustments to their components that can then be readily produced and tested. The agility inherent in Velo3D’s technology is transformation for customers’ R&D teams.

“One of the things that my team and I have been very attracted to is anything in the industry that provides more speed, more forward velocity, and faster innovation,” said Jeff Thornburg, CEO of Interstellar Technologies.

Beyond the research and development stage, Velo3D is also a key partner in all phases of the manufacturing process. With the power to create parts in an individual company’s hands, they’re better able to manufacture one-off parts for testing. Or, they’re able to pull from their libraries of part designs and have an on-demand resource to create components without the typical manufacturing process.

This on-demand parts manufacturing process gives companies unforeseen scalability in their operations. Instead of relying on outside partners, placing orders, waiting on delivery, and then needing to go through their own process of refining the part for usability, they’re able to manufacture quickly in-house. Velo3D’s software also allows for a dynamic design process that enables companies to adjust their manufacturing to correct designs in near real time, which further improves customization and reduces lag time in manufacturing.

When Benny Buller laid out his vision for the way Velo3D will grow and impact innovation across countless tech-driven sectors, he illustrated a key reason why so many Velo3D customers work with the company, and why they stay through all phases of their growth. Because, even apart from the technological innovations Velo3D offers, they also share a vision of a future that puts the power in the hands of the innovators themselves. And, as a trusted partner, Velo3D’s support team is with our clients every step of the way to help them achieve their vision.

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