Advancing Energy: The Technical Edge of Velo3D’s Metal AM Solution

November 30, 2023

In the energy sector, minimizing, even eliminating, downtime and optimizing operational efficiency are paramount. Metal additive manufacturing (AM) plays a crucial role in this transformation. Velo3D’s implementation of Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) technology offers innovative solutions to longstanding challenges.

This blog post delves into the technical nuances of Velo3D’s AM technology and its implications for the energy sector.

Technical Innovations by Velo3D

Velo3D’s approach to metal AM involves producing complex geometries that were challenging or impossible with traditional manufacturing methods. This is achieved through our advanced and fully integrated metal AM solution, which allow for high-precision manufacturing of intricate designs. The reproducibility of these parts is a key strength, enabling consistent production across different systems and locations over time.

Digital Inventory and the Golden Print File

One of the technological breakthroughs Velo3D enables is that of a ‘digital inventory.’ This system enables the just-in-time sourcing of parts, significantly reducing the need for physical inventories and improving efficiency. At the core of this system is Velo3D’s Golden Print File. This file is not only secure and locked but is also seamlessly transmittable and serves as the cornerstone for enabling a digital inventory system. Indeed, parts printed from this file maintain uniform geometric and material properties, irrespective of the printing location.

Scalability and Reproducibility in Production

Velo3D’s technology ensures scalability and repeatability in production, crucial for optimizing operations and reducing costs in the energy sector. Our metal 3D printers are designed to produce parts with identical geometry and material properties, regardless of the printer’s location, whether in Velo3D’s facilities, a contract manufacturer’s site, or an OEM’s operation.

Addressing Limitations of Traditional Manufacturing

Traditional manufacturing methods in the energy sector often involve complex processes and extended lead times, particularly for intricate components. Velo3D’s metal AM technology addresses these issues by streamlining production and reducing the steps involved in the manufacturing process.

Comprehensive Metal AM Solution: The Sapphire Family

Velo3D’s fully integrated metal AM solution comprises the Sapphire family of printers, Flow pre-print software, and Assure quality control software. This combination optimizes the print processes, allowing operators to produce complex geometries efficiently from the onset, eliminating the need for extensive parameter development.

Predictability and Quality Control

The ability to produce parts rapidly from digital files with Velo3D’s system significantly reduces the assembly steps and lead times. Assure quality control software provides detailed reports on the printing process, ensuring consistency and quality across distributed supply chains.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Velo3D’s technology offers a solution that aligns with industry specifications such as API20S. Consistency in manufacturing, enabled by the Golden Print file and automated machine calibrations, simplifies compliance processes, and reduces the risk of part failures.

The Future of Energy Manufacturing with Velo3D

Velo3D’s metal AM technology is setting a new standard in the energy sector. By streamlining processes, providing predictable lead times, and enabling scalable production, Velo3D is helping shape a future where energy companies can respond quickly and efficiently to changing demands.

A New Era in Energy Production

Velo3D’s metal AM technology marks a significant advancement in the way energy sector components are manufactured. It embodies the shift towards more efficient, reliable, and adaptable manufacturing processes.

For a comprehensive understanding of how Velo3D is transforming the energy sector, we invite you to download our eBook, titled Power Plants to Pipelines: Metal AM’s Role in Energy Production. This resource offers an in-depth exploration of the topics discussed above and provides further insights into Velo3D’s impact on energy production.

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