Validation of a New Source of Supply for Energy

The energy sector is known for efficiency and reliability. We trust in a consistent, uninterrupted pipeline of energy from source to outlet. To deliver this, each section of the chain needs to work consistently.  In today’s supply chain restricted economy, lead times have risen to 6-18 months for some critical parts. This causes the industry to stockpile spare parts trapping working capital that could be fueling new discoveries.

Today, companies are qualifying and installing metal AM parts in the field vetting a global supply chain ‘Digital Inventory’ of AM parts.  With new solutions in metal AM, the supply chain delays are being solved.  Large format printers like the Sapphire XC (600mm diameter build plate), energy specific alloys (Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, etc.), powerful solutions that unlock difficult geometries, and new standards have reached the industry.  Here are a few examples:

483 mm shrouded impeller printed on a Velo3D Sapphire XC. For scale, the impeller is bigger than a typical NY-style pizza (typically 18”)

Metal AM Energy Applications


Traditional manufacturing techniques for impellers can be expensive and time consuming. With metal AM, the design and production of impellers becomes a streamlined process combining multiple parts into a single assembly and reducing the need for molds and tooling. See: RMS’ groundbreaking 483 mm Inconel® 718 shrouded impeller, with 2-degree shroud.

Flow Control

Velo3D’s Sapphire printers lead the industry in terms of surface finish on flow channels. Furthermore, engineers have validated the repeatability of these channels across a global network of contract manufacturers. Through our innovative Golden Print File, engineers can digitally send a comprehensive, secure, and locked file of print instructions to any Velo3D printer worldwide and print parts with specified material properties and geometric accuracy.

Rotors and Stators

With printing capabilities down to virtually zero degrees, the low angle blades of rotors and stators can be precisely manufactured on a Sapphire. Plus, by printing flat to the build plate these parts balance and pass spin tests – in the 10s of thousands of RPM – with minimal material removal and have been shown to outperform parts CNC machined from forged metal.


The materials available for printing open the market for applications from cryogenic pumping to supercritical CO2.  Aluminum, Titanium, Nickel based super alloys, and stainless steels are all now available.  And these solutions translate to our large-format Sapphire XC solution as well (600 mm diameter x 1000 mm height).

E-Book: Power Plants to Pipelines: Metal AM’s Role in Energy Production

Velo3D is at the forefront of a real technological shift, supporting Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), End-Users, and Contract Manufacturers (CMs) in the energy sector to navigate the complexities of modern manufacturing and address their shifting inventory needs. Download this e-book to learn more.

Velo3D’s Fully Integrated AM Solution for Energy Applications

With a cylindrical 600 mm diameter x 1000 mm z-height build volume, the Sapphire XC 1MZ is the largest printer available from a leading laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) supplier and offers a powerful, scalable path to manufacturing.

Available in:

Eight 1kW lasers

  • Sapphire XC — 600 mm Ø x 550 mm z
  • Sapphire XC 1MZ — 600 mm Ø x 1000 mm z

Two 1kW lasers

  • Sapphire — 315 mm Ø x 400 mm z
  • Sapphire 1MZ — 315 mm Ø x 1000 mm z

    Flow Print Preparation Software

    Flow pre-print software simplifies the metal AM workflow with a comprehensive solution to layout your build, customize parameters, simulate thermomechanical behavior of the print, and conduct detailed inspections of print instructions. With direct import of native CAD, Flow also eliminates many of the issues associated with STL conversion. Users can determine the optimal process for applications by transferring existing parameter sets or creating new ones with Flow Developer.

    Flow Developer

    Flow Developer enables engineers to determine the optimal process for their application by unlocking the ability to transfer or create their own parameter sets into Flow. This eliminates the need to restart projects, granting access to Sapphire printers’ control, quality, and repeatability allowing engineers to achieve their program goals. Users now have maximum flexibility, visibility, and control with the power to create, modify, and inspect processes all within one software platform.

    Sapphire Family of Printers

    The Sapphire family of printers are capable of printing complex geometries including low angle prints down to zero degrees, high aspect ratio structures, large inner diameters, and many other features that traditional manufacturing technologies and conventional AM printers struggle to produce.

    Assure Quality Control Software

    Assure provides unprecedented traceability of machine health, part integrity, and build reporting. Working in concert with Sapphire and Flow, Assure, a revolutionary quality control software, enables visibility into every layer of the build through real-time, multisensor, physics-based excursion detection algorithms.

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    Qualified Materials for Energy

    Velo3D offers a dynamic and evolving library of trusted materials for both upstream and downstream energy applications.

    Available Today:

    • Aheadd® CP1
    • Haynes® 214®
    • Aluminum F357
    • Inconel® 718
    • Copper C18150
    • Inconel® 625
    • Copper GRCop-42
    • Scalmalloy
    • forAM® Haynes® 282®1
    • Stainless 415
    • Hastelloy® C22
    • Steel M300
    • Hastelloy® X
    • Ti 6AI-4V
    • Hastelloy® C22®

    Coming Soon:

    Copper-Nickel, Titanium Ti6242

    1. Powder is produced by Höganäs under License from Haynes International, Inc.

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