Case Study

500 mm & Beyond: Lessons Learned From Printing ‘Super-Sized’ Rotational Parts

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Rotating Machinery Services (RMS) is a global provider of engineering, repair, and maintenance services for equipment integral to critical infrastructural support. As the company embarked on a transformative journey to innovate their production methods using metal additive manufacturing (AM), they sought the expertise of Velo3D. The collaboration set the stage for a remarkable feat in the additive manufacturing world: the development of a 483 mm Inconel® 718 shrouded impeller featuring a 2-degree shroud with minimal need for internal support structures, pushing the boundaries of conventional manufacturing processes and signifying a leap forward for industrial metal AM fabrication.

View of completed 483 mm shrouded impeller printed on a Velo3D Sapphire XC. For scale, the impeller is bigger than a typical NY-style pizza (typically 18”)

You'll Learn

How RMS pushed the boundaries on developing large-scale impellers through metal AM, highlighting the challenges and breakthroughs in the process.

The transformative impact of Velo3D’s large-format Sapphire XC metal 3D printer and its application engineering team in achieving complex manufacturing goals.

Real-world benefits of Velo3D’s fully integrated metal AM technology in streamlining the manufacturing cycle, resulting in tangible improvements to the program lead time and cost of integral machinery components.

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