Case Study

Sierra Turbines Drives Innovation for Microturbines

Sierra Turbines Inc., is revolutionizing manufacturing by embracing additive manufacturing (AM) for microturbine production, challenging industry norms and aiming to achieve 95% AM even in large-scale production.
Leveraging Velo3D’s metal AM system, Sierra Turbines aims to extend the time between overhauls (TBO) to over 1,000 hours, reduce engine weight by 50%, and enhance power density by 40 times, all while streamlining manufacturing processes and enhancing fuel efficiency.

Cross-section of a Sierra Turbines engine combustor highlighting the complexity of the interior. The thin air foils and smooth lattice help the combustor effectively atomize fuel prior to combustion. 3D printing consolidated this microturbine into a unified geometry with fine details and features that are unattainable via any other method.

At a Glance

Innovative Manufacturing Approach

Sierra Turbines adopts an unconventional method by extensively utilizing AM for microturbine components, challenging industry norms and aiming for extended TBO and reduced engine weight.

Technology Partnership

Collaboration with Velo3D enables Sierra Turbines to achieve complex geometries and high-performance materials, pushing the boundaries of microturbine efficiency and reliability.

Industry Disruption

Sierra’s vision extends beyond cost and lead-time reduction; fully integrated printing technology enables Sierra Turbines to consolidate components, reduce mass, and meet ambitious design goals, contributing to a revitalization of the manufacturing sector.

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