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Velo3D OEM Summit

Unveiling Insights, Innovation, & Future Horizons

October 19, 2023

8:30 am - 5:00 pm PT

Elevate Your Additive Manufacturing Game

Join us for the 2023 Velo3D Summit, a special event for industry leaders, experts, and engineers who want to understand the capabilities of Velo3D’s advanced metal additive manufacturing solution. Immerse yourself in a day of insightful talks, real-world success studies, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Learn from our distinguished guest speakers who have harnessed Velo3D technology to improve their manufacturing capabilities.



Tyler LeBrun, PhD

Additive Manufacturing Lead, Principal Member of Technical Staff Sandia National Laboratories

Tyler LeBrun is a principal member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories and serves as the lead for additive manufacturing qualification as part of the Laboratories’ Technical Expert Network. Dr. LeBrun currently manages a diverse portfolio of research and development projects in materials and processes surrounding additive manufacturing to support the Labs’ mission. His past professional and technical experience include broad support and implementation of AM in aerospace and other emerging markets through roles at Blue Origin and Rocketdyne. His work in these organizations spanned feedstock characterization, equipment and process development, and process/part qualification for critical, high-value systems.

He is an active contributor and reviewer for the ASTM F42, SAE AMS AM-Metals, and ISO TC261 committees, focusing on powder bed technologies. He is a document sponsor of a number of specifications published by the AMS committee supporting binder jetting, laser powder bed fusion, and powder reuse processes. He currently serves as a Technical Advisor to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Additive Manufacturing Leadership Committee. Tyler received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, a MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California, and a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from Osaka University. 

Fireside Chat

Greg Morris

Chief Technology Officer, Zeda, Inc.

Greg Morris serves as CTO for Zeda. A pioneer in the additive manufacturing industry, Greg brought the first DMLS printer to North America in 2003. With substantial investment in additive technologies, Greg’s companies, Morris Technologies (MTI) and Rapid Quality Manufacturing (RQM), grew to be the largest providers of metal 3D printing services in the world. In 2012 GE Aviation acquired MTI and RQM for their technical capabilities and comprehensive resources.


Introduction to Velo3D’s Fully Integrated Metal Additive Manufacturing Solution

Discover the full breadth of Velo3D’s integrated metal AM solution and how it’s revolutionizing industries across the board.

Supply Chain Scalability

Explore strategies to scale your supply chain effortlessly, thanks to Velo3D’s agile manufacturing technologies.

Lunch / Facility Tour

Refuel with lunch and get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of the Velo3D facility. Details to be announced.

Exceptional Solutions, Exceptional Customer Service

Join Chris Trout for an illuminating session on Velo3D’s customer service. You’ll learn how Velo3D goes beyond problem-solving to offer tailored solutions that elevate your business. Discover the strategies that set our customer service apart as the industry gold standard.

Customer Guest Speaker: Rotating Machinery Service’s Benjamin Wagner

Don’t miss Benjamin Wagner from Rotating Machinery Service as he delves into the complexities of creating a large-format, 483 mm diameter impeller using Velo3D technology. Learn how they navigated the unique challenges of extensive span features and low overhang angles, achieving minimal post-processing requirements while ensuring successful spin testing.

Q&A with Velo3D Founder and CEO, Benny Buller

Engage in a dynamic Q&A session with Velo3D’s visionary leader. Your opportunity to get the answers to the questions that matter most to you.

Roadmap for the Future: What’s Next for Velo3D

Sneak a peek into the thrilling future of metal additive manufacturing as envisioned by Velo3D. Be the first to know about upcoming developments and innovations.

Why You Should Attend

Innovative Learning

Acquire actionable insights from industry leaders.

Strategic Networking

Build meaningful connections with industry experts and like-minded professionals.

Unlock Opportunities

Discover how Velo3D’s groundbreaking technologies can elevate your business.

Get Ahead

Stay updated on industry trends and the latest advancements from Velo3D.

Velo3D US Production Headquarters

2710 Lakeview Court Fremont, CA 94538
Our US production center is one of the most advanced and robust AM facilities in the world. From safety, design, automation, and manufacturing, our Fremont location is capable of producing our entire fleet of Sapphire machines to match demand. With the ability to produce up to 30 machines at once, & house up to 150 employees, the facility expands Velo3D’s footprint and helps meet growing demand for our fully integrated solution.

Key Topics

Fully Integrated Solution

Learn about our Flow pre-print software, parameter library, Sapphire family of printers, metrology suite, and Assure quality assurance software.

Preparing Parts for Production

Become familiar with the technical capabilities of our solution and how to take advantage of it in partnership with our Business Development and Technical Sales teams.

Path to Part Qualification

Learn about our NASA-guided program to maximize metal AM material readiness with real-world examples of successfully scaled part qualification.

Velo3D Speakers

Zach Murphree – Vice President Global Sales & Business Development

Founder & CEO

Benny Buller

Zach Murphree – Vice President Global Sales & Business Development

Technical Business Development Account Manager

Brent Hansen

Zach Murphree – Vice President Global Sales & Business Development

Director of Technical Business Development

Matt Karesh

Zach Murphree – Vice President Global Sales & Business Development

Senior Director of Sales, North America

Zach Walton

Chris Trout Vice President, Customer Service

Vice President, Customer Service

Chris Trout

Feedback from Past Attendees

"These events are a great way to bridge the gap in showing that you are out there to educate the industry on AM."

Beehive Industries

"I had no idea this event would be this great. I am blow away."

Honeywell Aerospace

"Great show yesterday. I’m even more sold you your systems’ capabilities."

Air Force Research Laboratory

"I enjoyed the event yesterday and learned a bit more about what differentiates Velo from others."

ASTM International