Velo Virtual Recap: Fast-Tracking 500 mm Impeller Production with Metal AM Featuring RMS

Fast-Tracking 500 mm Impeller Production with Metal AM


Learn about the latest advancement of additive manufacturing (AM) in turbomachinery as we unveil a technical masterpiece in this “VeloVirtual” webinar featuring RMS’s Engineering Manager, Ben Wagner.

Few metal AM printers can handle parts over 400 mm, making such parts a daring endeavor for most companies. In this session, we explore the journey from conceptualizing to executing one of the most significant AM undertakings: a Ø 19 in (483 mm) shrouded impeller. Redefining the boundaries, this Inconel 718 impeller, known for its flat 2-degree shroud and minimal post-processing needs, underscores RMS’s commitment to innovation—all while underlining the potential for metal AM to provide greater cost-efficiency and lead time reduction that traditional manufacturing technologies.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The transformative impact of AM in manufacturing large, complex components, emphasizing the large-format Sapphire XC’s roles in producing a Ø 19 in shrouded impeller.
  • Overcoming traditional manufacturing limits: transitioning from high-stress single-piece impellers and the complications of casting and forging to advanced AM solutions.
  • Rigorous post-production assessments: Ensuring unparalleled dimensional stability and integrity through spin testing and NDT inspections.
  • The strategic partnership between RMS, Velo3D, and DMP, highlighting collective engineering prowess and innovation in tackling monumental AM challenges.


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