3Din30 Recap: Hardening Metal AM Against Cyberattacks

3Din30 is Velo3D’s Youtube and LinkedIn Live channel featuring speakers from multiple links in the additive manufacturing supply chain. We discuss new topics about every 2 weeks. Each session lasts about 30 minutes.

Episode 35: Hardening Metal AM Against Cyberattacks


In this 3Din30, featuring Mike Rogerson and Aaron Katske from Velo3D, the critical importance of cybersecurity in metal additive manufacturing is highlighted. They emphasize the vulnerability of this industry due to the high value of intellectual property and the expanding capabilities of 3D printers. The conversation delves into the concept of STIG compliance, initiated by the Department of Defense, and Velo3D’s significant achievement in attaining a high level of compliance. This video serves as a valuable resource for those looking to comprehend and enhance the cybersecurity measures within their additive manufacturing processes.

Key points covered in the discussion:

  • The significance of cybersecurity in safeguarding intellectual property.
  • Adoption of a ‘Zero Trust’ approach to enhance security.
  • The role of STIG compliance in ensuring robust cybersecurity.


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