One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Velo3D and being a part of the advanced metal 3D printing community in general is getting to talk with some of the most brilliant minds around.

Week in and week out I get to meet and interact with people who operate at the vanguard of innovation, people working to help promote a greener, cleaner environment, pave the way for women in STEM, and help humanity explore our solar system.

The stories they’ve told me have all left me feeling so inspired, that I felt it only made sense to share them with the world, which is why I’m excited to announce the launch of Velo3D’s very first podcast—Laser Focused!

With Laser Focused, I aim to take listeners on a journey of discovery with innovators that are changing the world.

My hope is that by profiling thought leaders in various engineering-related roles—and peripheral, supporting industries—the series will help inspire and empower other innovators to make their impact on the world.

The series will explore how these individuals get their big ideas, the obstacles they face, and how they overcome these challenges. It’s a transparent look at how trailblazers of all types can train themselves to think differently and make an impact.

Ultimately, I want to help empower others to action, and to help bring to light the innovations of tomorrow that are already happening today.

Over the course of the Laser Focused series, I’ll speak with innovators in various industries and roles related to 3D printing and mechanical engineering, including aviation, space, automotive, and manufacturing.

Some of the guests on Season 1 include Max Haot, Founder and CEO of Launcher; Tess Hatch, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners; and Stefan Krause, an entrepreneur in the automotive industry and a former executive at BMW and Canoo.

Like my guests, Laser Focused centers on growth and innovation, which is why I encourage all listeners to send me your feedback. And if you or someone you know would make a good guest, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy! And if you like what you hear, please make sure to subscribe and be on the lookout for new episodes every two weeks!

Laser Focused can be found on all the major streaming apps, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. Learn more about Laser Focused by visiting

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