Magic on the Mic: Laser Focused Podcast Earns Prestigious MarCom Award

November 7, 2023

At Velo3D, we get to work with some of the most innovative people and companies in the world. Our customers and partners are changing the world around us by building aircraft that can travel faster than the speed of sound, rocket engines to reach Mars, and AI technology that can optimize designs in every way possible. Many of the innovators we work with go unnoticed and, when we set out to create our Laser Focused podcast, the goal was to recognize these unsung heroes and engineers and inspire others.

I never imagined we would win an award for our podcast—that was never a goal. However, I’m pleased to share that Laser Focused has been awarded a MarCom Award by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP). The organization fosters and recognizes creative professionals for outstanding achievement in the work they do. This year, more than 6,500 entries were submitted from marketing and communications professionals in 43 countries and Laser Focused was selected as a winner. Thank you to AMCP for this recognition!

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If you’re unfamiliar with Laser Focused, I encourage you to check it out. It focuses on innovation and how leaders are using technology to change the world around us. Over the two seasons of the podcast, I’ve interviewed entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, and scientists about a variety of topics like electric vehicles, metallurgy, hypersonics, and (of course) additive manufacturing.

However, in our discussions about innovation, the conversation often touches on the humanity behind the innovation. Some of the most inspiring topics covered across the 20+ episodes we’ve released have not been engineering-centric at all; they were conversations about women in engineering, mental health, rising above all odds to see dreams come true, and how to think about problem solving in new ways.

In other words, I got to hear and learn about the challenges that these extraordinary people encounter in their ordinary lives. I like to think that there is something in every episode that all of us can apply to our lives, no matter what career field we work in. I am grateful for every conversation I’ve had, as each one has personally inspired me in different ways. 

Thank you to all those who have supported the podcast, including those who have joined me on episodes, subscribed as listeners, or worked behind the scenes. There are still new episodes being released in Season 2 and I look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.

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Amir Iliaifar

Director of Content

Amir Iliaifar is the Director of Content at Velo3D where he oversees the production and distribution of Velo3D’s global digital content marketing initiatives. Prior to joining the company, Amir worked for a leading professional drone manufacturer, several SaaS companies, and as an automotive tech journalist. He holds a Master of Arts in Digital Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.