Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: From Stargazing to Aerospace Engineering: The Inspiring Career of General Ellen Pawlikowski

August 24, 2023

Welcome back to another season of the Laser Focused podcast, presented by Velo3D! Kicking off this season, we have a conversation that’s equal parts enlightening, inspirational, and captivating.

A Deep Dive with General Ellen Pawlikowski

In our first episode, our host Renette Youssef sits down with General Ellen Pawlikowski, a retired four-star general and impressively the third woman to achieve this rank in the United States Air Force. The discussion promises rich insights from her trailblazing career as well as her thoughts on the importance of diversity in STEM and the future of additive manufacturing (AM).

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From Moon Landings to STEM’s Frontlines

Ever been inspired by a significant event? For General Pawlikowski, the moon landing was a pivotal moment. She shares her unique journey into engineering, shedding light on navigating challenges in a male-centric sector, and how she overcome obstacles and made her mark.

Diversity in STEM: A Must-Have Conversation

Beyond her own story, General Pawlikowski underscores the need for diversity in STEM. With the idea that harnessing the full potential of our entire population is key to tackling global challenges, she emphasizes the need for a balanced STEM environment that promotes both professional growth and personal well-being.

On the Horizon: The Promise of Additive Manufacturing

And if you’re intrigued by where advanced manufacturing technology is heading, the conversation takes an interesting turn towards additive manufacturing (AM). General Pawlikowski brings her optimism to the table, discussing the multifaceted benefits of AM, especially in the defense and aerospace sectors. From crafting intricate parts to rejuvenating old equipment, the scope of AM seems boundless.

As always, we invite you to tune into the full episode of the Laser Focused podcast.

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