Sapphire XC and Sapphire XC 1MZ Printer

The Velo3D metal additive manufacturing solution is not just a printer, it is an end-to-end highly integrated production system driven by our underlying Intelligent Fusion manufacturing process. The solution includes Flow print preparation software, your choice of Sapphire printer, and Assure quality monitoring and control software.

The Sapphire XC and Sapphire XC 1MZ production-scale metal laser powder bed fusion printers feature the same advanced functionality seen across the Sapphire family but expand the build volume to 600 mm Ø by 1000 mm z-height and increase throughput. This provides users up to 4X productivity improvement and 75% cost reduction compared to the standard Sapphire system.

Sapphire Printer Family Configurations:

  • Sapphire (315mm Ø x 400mm)
  • Sapphire 1MZ (315mm Ø x 1000mm)
  • Sapphire XC (600mm Ø x 550mm)
  • Sapphire XC 1MZ (600mm Ø x 1000mm)

Production-Level Metal Additive Manufacturing

Printing Without Compromise

Both Sapphire XC and XC 1MZ utilize eight 1kW lasers for faster printing at scale. A proprietary non-contact recoater eliminates the risk of part collision, protecting both the build and the recoater while enabling thinner walls and more accurate builds.

Standardized and controlled parameter sets, along with automated calibrations, ensure consistent geometric accuracy, surface finish, and validated material properties.

As with all Sapphire printers, XC and XC 1MZ provide exceptional supply chain scalability with one print file per part that works on any Sapphire worldwide.

Made for Production

To ensure consistent and successful print outcomes, Sapphire XC and XC 1MZ feature the same Intelligent Fusion underlying manufacturing process that binds and facilitates all aspects of the Velo3D end-to-end solution.

This includes intelligent part analysis and parameter assignment via Flow and intelligent tracking of each build via nearly 1,000 sensors. All Sapphire printers provide real-time layer-by-layer tracking of optical alignment, atmospheric validation, and powder bed health to ensure optimal quality. Meanwhile, Assure provides complete documentation and traceability of system calibration and build performance.

Laser and Optics Fidelity

  • Run-time and automated optics calibrations
  • Self-cleaning laser windows
  • Class 1 Laser product

Powder Bed Uniformity

  • Faster non-contact recoater
  • Per-layer 3D powder bed height mapping
  • Full-height printing without interruption for powder addition or filter changes

Environmental Control

  • Low ppm O2 during normal operation
  • Active dew point monitoring
  • Ambient temperature and pressure operation
  • Highly regulated chamber gas flows
  • High efficiency spatter removal

Sapphire XC 1MZ Features

  • 600 mm Ø x 1000 mm z-height build volume
  • Same geometric capabilities with identical build parameters as other Sapphire printers

Metal 3D Printing Without Compromise

Velo3D separates itself from existing solutions with its unique ability to print low angles and overhangs down to zero degrees, as well as horizontal large diameter circular holes and inner tubes up to 100 mm all the way down to 500 microns without the need for supports. Velo3D frees designers to build the impossible – unlocking a wealth of designs that can now be produced with additive technology.

Build the Parts You Need at Lower Cost and 4x Better Productivity Without Design or Quality Compormise.

System Features

 Sapphire XCSapphire XC 1MZ
Build Volume600 mm Ø600 mm Ø
550 mm z-height1000 mm z-height
Size (L x W x H)8.53 x 3.35 x 4.75 m8.53 x 5.001 x 4.75 m
336 x 132 x 187 inRequires 160cm deep pit2
Weight~7,450 kg~8,500 kg
~16,400 lbs~18,740 lbs
LasersEight 1 kW lasers, Class 1
ThroughputUp to 400 cc/hr
Surface finish5-15 μm Sa (typical)
1With build module in unpack position
2Consult site planning guide for more information

Qualified Materials

NickelInconel® 718, Inconel 625®, Hastelloy® C-22, Hastelloy® X, Amperprint® 0233 Haynes® 282®3
TitaniumTi-6Al-4V Grade 5
AluminumF357, Scalmalloy®
SteelM300 Tool Steel
3Powder is produced by Höganäs under license from Haynes, International, Inc.

PB-SapphireXC-1MZ.EN.2022-06-04.v0-1.U.USL 0905-12168_D 2022-06-04. Specifications are subject to change without notice.