It’s only February and we’ve been quite busy at Velo3D! You may have noticed that things look different around the site. That’s because we recently launched the new face of

The update to the website marks the culmination of more than 12 months of hard work and the relaunching of the Velo3D brand.

What’s new

Like everything we do at Velo3D, the new website is meant to help our customers and potential customers alike—that means finding the right information at the right time.

To that end, we’ve designed the site to be clearer about what we provide as a technology company and what makes Velo3D the most advanced and comprehensive end-to-end 3D metal additive manufacturing (AM) solution available.

We develop loads of interesting and relevant content and wanted to organize it in a way that is easily accessible to you. From blog articles to press releases, webinars to whitepapers, our updated resource section gives you a great overview of Velo3D’s capabilities.

More than anything else, we hope the new layout and design communicate clearly how we help innovators, like you, print your most ambitious designs, your mission-critical parts—all without sacrificing design intent, part quality, or part performance.

“Seeing is believing” is a maxim we use a lot at Velo3D, and while we don’t sell parts, we absolutely want to showcase some of the mission-critical parts that have been created using our end-to-end solution.

You can now get a better overview of these on our new applications page. As you click “Learn More”, you can scroll and watch the parts rotate for a comprehensive view.

The Velo3D end-to-end solution

But more than a flashy new website, we want to be clear about what our technology enables.

If you’re new to AM, or even Velo3D, allow me to provide a brief introduction into who we are and what we do.

At our core, we help design engineers build mission-critical parts with repeatability and scalability, and without applying traditional design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) rules, which often compromise performance, design, or quality.

The Velo3D end-to-end metal AM solution consists of Flow™ print preparation software, the Sapphire® family of metal 3D printers, Assure™ real-time quality validation and control software, and is enabled by our Intelligent Fusion® underlying manufacturing process.

Intelligent Fusion® binds and facilitates all aspects of the Velo3D end-to-end solution, which includes print preparation software (Flow™), advanced metal printer (Sapphire®), and quality assurance software (Assure™).

Flow™ imports native CAD design files and automatically identifies regions of parts based on local geometric attributes (e.g., overhang angle, width, etc.) and specifies custom welding instructions tailored to generate the highest quality for each complex feature of the part.

The Sapphire® printer then carries out these instructions using an in-house next-generation laser scanning system combined with a novel powder recoating mechanism to produce metal parts with unrivaled complexity and quality.

Meanwhile, Assure™ software reports detailed real-time progress and quality information utilizing thousands of sensors from the system to provide users with complete quality control.

Intelligent Fusion® unifies and manages all the above, including the information flow, sensor data from over 950 sensors, and the advanced printing technology for precision control of the entire print.

The full Velo3D Sapphire® Family of Printers includes:

  1. Sapphire® — 315 mm Ø x 400 mm z with two 1kW lasers
  2. Sapphire® 1mZ — 315 mm Ø x 1000 mm z with two 1kW lasers
  3. Sapphire® XC — 600 mm Ø x 550 mm z with eight 1kW lasers

Print it here, print it there, print it anywhere

Of course, one of Velo3D’s key differentiators is our ability to print the same part, anywhere in the world, on any Sapphire® printer.

We provide repeatability and scalability on a global level.

For example, a part designed and successfully printed by a team operating in the United States can then be shared with another team anywhere in the world. The resulting supply chain means parts can be produced on-demand, on any Velo3D printer, regardless of where it’s located.

This ecosystem not only supports companies looking to bring their production in house and control every aspect of their manufacturing operation but is also supported by our wide range of contract manufacturers.

That means you can leverage the power of Velo3D’s capabilities without investing in a printer. If you have a concept that must be manufactured as designed, without compromise, or a supply chain challenge for a critical component, then our CM partners can help you achieve your goal.

A strong and growing customer base

Your success is our success, and we’re proud to say we work with, and are trusted by today’s most forward-thinking and innovative companies in the world.

Our customer base continues to grow as we welcome more companies to the Velo3D family. These include, Launcher, Honeywell, Lam Research, and Chromalloy, to name a few.

Our recent expansion into Europe is another exciting development, and we’re looking forward to sharing information on new partnerships in the coming months.

Growing list of materials

Our goal to help engineers leverage our technology to overcome the challenges they face means that we’re always expanding our portfolio of qualified materials supported by our end-to-end solution. I encourage you to explore our full list of materials—and be sure to check back often as we continue to qualify and add to our materials list.

Get to know us better

Our extraordinary team is what defines Velo3D. To learn more, you can explore our company page and learn about the Velo3D journey and meet the faces that help drive innovation.

You can even click on “Learn More” on our profiles and connect with our executive team via LinkedIn.

We’ve also added our company manifesto video so you can see exactly how we help enable innovation. We are growing quickly and currently have numerous positions open around the globe.

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