The Path to Production:

The Benefits of Metal AM for Turbomachinery & Compressor Technology


From quick, iterative development cycles and enhanced design freedom to increased supply chain efficiency and part quality, the benefits of Velo3D’s additive manufacturing (AM) technology on critical parts manufacturing are numerous. Unfortunately, the real advantages of metal AM are curtailed by the current state of the AM industry as whole, where design modifications are required, and part quality is often compromised for the sake of manufacturability.
This is especially true of Turbomachinery, specifically compressor and pump technology, where existing designs face obstacles with conventional AM technology.

Key Learnings

The barriers to metal AM adoption for turbomachinery and compressor technology

The design and performance limitations placed on design engineers by conventional metal AM systems

How Velo3D provides a unique fully integrated metal AM solution that features software, hardware, and underlying process control that enables end-users to produce the most challenging parts without compromising part design or performance

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