Overcoming Metal AM’s Core Challenges


Metal additive manufacturing offers transformative opportunities but faces obstacles like complexity, high costs, and quality issues. This eBook outlines a clear path to broader metal AM adoption.

Explore cost considerations, emphasizing the value assessment for specific applications. Discover Velo3D’s advancements, such as the Sapphire XC 1MZ printer, streamlining production and reducing costs. Address standardizing qualification with the “Golden” Print File, ensuring consistent quality across machines and suppliers. Ensure quality control with built-in metrology and software. Simplify development complexity by making AM more serviceable, empowering skilled machinists to operate AM machines and enabling scalable supply chains. Download the eBook to unleash metal AM’s full potential.

Key Challenges Addressed:

Cost Considerations

Evaluate AM’s value proposition; Leverage Velo3D’s cost-effective technology like large-format Metal AM printing; Identify applications that offset high initial production expenses.

Standardizing Qualification

Tackle inconsistent part quality from machine, supplier, process variations; Use Velo3D’s “Golden” Print File for universal instructions and scalable supply chains.

Control Quality - Control Outcomes

Manage AM’s complex design workarounds for consistency; Use Velo3D’s Assure software for real-time monitoring and traceable build reports.

Development Simplification

Replace DfAM with serviceable AM, streamlining operations; Equip skilled machinists to operate AM machines for efficient scalability, reducing the need for constant retraining.

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