Ensuring Warfighter Readiness with Metal AM


Our mission is to enable innovation in defense solutions through additive manufacturing capabilities. We do this by ensuring defense organizations have the technology they need to lead on the battlefield by providing a fully integrated metal 3D printing solution for performance-optimized parts.

Velo3D’s advanced solution helps the defense industry leverage modern manufacturing methods for quicker production that allows military resources to deploy at a moment’s notice.

Key Learnings

Higher Performance Parts

Improve fuel efficiency, emissions, and part lifespan with our solution, boasting superior material properties over casting. Operate in classified environments with export-controlled data, using data segregation across servers based on necessity.

Improved Scalability and Deployment

Velo3D printers are user-friendly and versatile, requiring no specialized expertise. Use any Sapphire family printer for rapid, scalable manufacturing and supply chain backup.

Assurance of a US-based Solution

Founded and made in the US, Velo3D is a California-based manufacturing solution with a local support team and robust contract manufacturing network.

Enhanced Security Against Cyberattacks

Velo3D printers are cyber-secured with US DoD Green Level STIG Compliance to lower your risk of cyber threats.