How Velo3D’s Height Mapper Enhances the Landscape of Modern AM Metrology

Technical Exploration

Advancements in metal 3D printing technology have resulted in improved quality and consistency in printed parts. However, maintaining powder bed and recoating integrity during the printing process remains essential albeit challenging. This technical paper delves into Velo3D’s Height Mapper technology, a vital metrology instrument for optimizing the quality and accuracy of the powder bed in metal 3D printing.

As metal 3D printing gains traction, the emphasis on print quality grows. Continuous monitoring and documentation of the powder bed’s integrity are paramount for optimal results. The intricate laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) method, combined with the subtleties of metal powders, complicates the assurance of quality. Even with advancements in metrology and printer design tackling these issues, achieving unwavering quality is a nuanced task. Velo3D’s Height Mapper brings forward a comprehensive answer, utilizing intelligent metrology methods to safeguard ideal powder bed and recoater configuration.

Benefits of Height Mapper

Layer-by-Layer Monitoring

Continuously assesses powder bed and part quality throughout the build, enabling optimization and early detection of potential issues.

Powder Bed Qualification

Takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and is unique to Velo3D’s approach.

Gas Flow Setup

Assists in setting up the optimal inert gas flow rate during machine maintenance.

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