Power Plants to Pipelines: Metal AM’s Role in Energy Production


In the energy industry, minimizing downtime is a top priority. While traditional oil and gas sectors struggle with outdated supply chain models, forward-thinking companies are turning to metal additive manufacturing (AM) for quicker production and better operational efficiency.

Velo3D is at the forefront of this movement, providing advanced technology to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), End-Users, and Contract Manufacturers (CMs). Their approach stands out for its precision in crafting complex parts previously unattainable through standard manufacturing methods or conventional AM techniques. Moreover, Velo3D’s technology ensures consistent and repeatable production quality, maintaining identical standards across various systems and locations, year after year.

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Key Advantages

Digital Inventory

Our technology facilitates a ‘digital inventory,’ allowing parts to be sourced just-in-time from either an OEM’s in-house facility or a qualified CM. This minimizes the need for physical inventories, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Golden Print File

Velo3D’s innovative single print file approach ensures unmatched consistency and quality. Any part printed from this file, regardless of location, maintains consistent geometric and material characteristics. The securely locked file is easily transmitted and serves as the foundation for a digital inventory system.

Scalable & Repeatable Production

Enabling scalability across the fleet ensures consistency in geometry and material properties for every printer, whether at Velo3D’s research facility, a contract manufacturing site, or operated by the part OEM. Embracing scalable additive manufacturing systems is vital for the energy sector’s efforts to optimize operations, cut costs, and drive innovation.