Power Plants to Pipelines: Metal AM’s Role in Energy Production


One of the energy industry’s primary goals is minimizing downtime in the field. While traditional oil & gas sectors contend with outdated supply chain models, forward-thinking entities are adopting metal additive manufacturing (AM) for faster production times and improved operational efficiency.

Velo3D is helping lead the charge, equipping Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), End-Users, and Contract Manufacturers (CMs) with advanced technology to meet contemporary manufacturing demands and evolving inventory requirements. Velo3D’s approach is notable for its precision in crafting complex parts that were once unachievable through standard manufacturing and conventional AM techniques. Beyond this, Velo3D’s technology is distinctive for its consistent and repeatable production capacity, ensuring identical quality from one part to the next, across different systems and locations, year in and year out.

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Key Advantages

Digital Inventory

Our technology enables a ‘digital inventory,’ where parts can be sourced just-in-time, either from an OEM’s in-house production facility or a qualified CM. This approach reduces and/or eliminates the need for cumbersome physical inventories and increases operational efficiency.

Golden Print File

Velo3D’s groundbreaking single print file approach allows for unparalleled consistency and quality. Regardless of where it’s printed, any part printed from this file will exhibit consistent geometric & material characteristics. This file is not only secure and locked but is also seamlessly transmittable and serves as the cornerstone for enabling a digital inventory system.

Scalable & Repeatable Production

Enabling scalability at the fleet level means that each printer, whether at the Velo3D research facility, a contract manufacturing site, or operated by the part OEM, will print identical geometry and material properties. As the energy sector seeks to optimize operations, reduce costs, and innovate, embracing the capabilities of scalable additive manufacturing systems will be pivotal.

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