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Solving Energy’s Supply Chain Challenges with Advanced Metal AM
Because much of the energy sector operates on legacy machines comprised of thousands of difficult-to-source parts, when critical process components fail—as they inevitably do when operating in demanding conditions—the procedures that guide part replacement often fail to meet the needs of the industries they serve.
Even when these parts can be sourced, traditional parts manufacturing methods can have lead times of up to a year or more, and warehousing stores of core parts can be costly.
In this white paper we dissect the unique challenges facing the energy sector, explain how traditional manufacturing methods fail to meet the energy sectors ongoing needs, and explore the benefits of advanced metal AM to the design of new and replacement parts as well as the broader supply chain ramifications of a distributed supply chain model.

Key Learnings

The pitfalls of traditional manufacturing methods

How an integrated system of software, hardware, and technology can help optimize your supply chain

What the Golden Print File is and how it will help you revolutionize your manufacturing processes

How to reduce lead times from years or months to weeks or days

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