Introducing Velo3D’s New Flow Developer Software

March 5, 2024

Metal additive manufacturing (3D printing) has engineers constantly seeking ways to optimize processes and achieve better print outcomes. Velo3D’s fully integrated manufacturing technology helps facilitate this in several ways, but perhaps one of the most well-known is our Flow pre-print software’s library of controlled parameter sets.

Flow’s preloaded parameter sets enable accurate printing of complex designs without requiring feature-specific parameter development. It offers enhanced control, allowing users to achieve desired material properties by assigning varied core instructions within a single build.

But what if you’re an engineer that wants to leverage your existing AM knowledge and control your optimization objectives? Or what if your organization also needs to “peek inside the black box” for full process transparency?

The good news is, with our new Flow Developer software, you can do all of that and more.

Get to Know Flow Developer

Velo3D’s Developer provides a powerful software platform that enables engineers to fully realize their applications’ potential. As a feature of Flow 7.0, Developer allows engineers to tailor the optimal process for their metal additive manufacturing applications by enabling the transfer or creation of their own parameter sets in Flow.

This capability not only allows engineers to leverage their existing additive manufacturing knowledge but also eliminates the need to restart projects. You can start with Velo3D’s controlled parameter sets or apply your AM expertise to a Sapphire printer, all while enjoying the precision, repeatability, and quality control Velo3D is known for, along with accelerated process development.

Customizing Process Parameters

A key feature of Developer is its flexible workflow for customizing process parameters. Engineers can view multiple process setpoints simultaneously and import variables directly from JMP and Microsoft Excel. This facilitates the development of new parameter sets optimized for specific part features, enhancing the precision and quality control of their AM processes.

The Velo3D Fully Integrated Manufacturing Solution

Velo3D offers a comprehensive manufacturing solution that includes software, hardware, and an intelligent manufacturing process. The solution comprises Flow print preparation software, the Sapphire family of metal AM printers, and Assure quality validation software.

Developer: A Full Suite of Capabilities

Flow Developer equips engineers with various capabilities to optimize their metal additive manufacturing processes:

  • Transfer Your Knowledge and Achieve Scale: Engineers can apply their expertise within the Sapphire ecosystem and scale proven processes. Velo3D’s automated calibrations, high-precision laser controllers, non-contact recoater, advanced metrology, and quality assurance contribute to superior and more consistent print outcomes.
  • Control Your Optimization Objectives: Developer enables engineers to enhance their applications’ business cases through productivity optimization. Customizing parameters to achieve specific design intents, such as higher feature resolution or different material properties, is possible. The flexibility to use thicker layers can also expedite print time for high-throughput parts.
  • Obtain Full Process Transparency: Paired with Assure’s quality control and build report summaries, Developer offers engineers a detailed view of the manufacturing process for each application. This seamless integration of AM into engineering and manufacturing processes is now more accessible.
  • Develop New Material Processes: Developer empowers engineers to access new markets and opportunities by supporting new material development. Engineers can explore innovative solutions as they emerge and create corresponding parameter sets for specific applications.

Velo3D’s Developer presents metal additive manufacturing engineers with a potent software platform to refine their processes, enhance print outcomes, and better integrate AM into their workflows. With customizable process parameters, Developer equips engineers with the necessary tools to apply their existing AM expertise and achieve optimal results for their applications.

By leveraging Velo3D’s integrated manufacturing solution, engineers can unlock unprecedented flexibility, visibility, quality, and control in their metal additive manufacturing outcomes.

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