Flow Developer

Your Parameters – Velo3D’s Scalable Manufacturing Solution

Flow Developer enables engineers to determine the optimal process for their application by unlocking the ability to transfer or create their own parameter sets into Flow. This eliminates the need to restart projects, granting access to Sapphire printers’ control, quality, and repeatability allowing engineers to achieve their program goals.

Users now have maximum flexibility, visibility, and control with the power to create, modify, and inspect processes all within one software platform.

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Customize New Parameters

Developer offers a flexible workflow for customizing process parameters. With the ability to simultaneously view multiple process setpoints & import variables directly from JMP and Microsoft Excel, users can develop new parameter sets optimized for specific part features.

Leverage Your AM Experience

Choose a familiar starting point to accelerate process development. Users can select Velo3D’s parameter sets or transfer their AM knowledge onto a Sapphire printer for enhanced precision, repeatability, & quality control.

Velo3D Metal Additive Manufacturing for Developers

Transfer Your Knowledge and Achieve Scale

Bring your expertise to the Sapphire ecosystem and reproduce your proven processes at scale. Achieve better and more repeatable print outcomes with Velo3D’s automated calibrations, high precision laser controllers, non-contact recoater, advanced metrology, quality assurance, and more.

Control Your Optimization Objectives

Improve the business case for your application through productivity optimization. For parts where throughput is the highest priority, leverage the flexibility to use thicker layers in any material and speed up the print time. For parts where higher feature resolution or different material properties are required, customize to achieve the design intent.

Obtain Full Process Transparency

Combined with Assure’s quality control and build report summaries, Developer unlocks the most comprehensive view of the manufacturing process for each application. This enables companies to integrate AM into their engineering and manufacturing processes.

Develop New Material Processes

Access new markets and opportunities through new material development at the rate of your business needs. Explore novel solutions as they become available in the market and create corresponding parameter sets to serve specific applications.

The Velo3D Manufacturing Process

Our fully integrated manufacturing solution is comprised of software, hardware and an intelligent underlying manufacturing process allowing engineers to build and scale mission-critical parts.



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