Today, only about 1-2% of manufacturing is derived from 3d printing or additive manufacturing. With all of the hype around part consolidation, increased performance, and faster time to market, it seems like there should be more. In fact, Lux Research says that “3D printing will be a key in the future manufacturing landscape thanks to benefits that it can bring over other conventional methods,”.

In the high value metal parts market, where Velo3D competes, this potential vs actual dynamic is even more obvious. The parts where we add value tend to be used in the highest performance, most mission critical applications. If we push the needle there, it opens up many lucrative business opportunities.

The problem is that, in spite of those performance gains, mission critical applications are also – obviously –highly risk averse. “Engineers don’t use parts that they don’t trust” – so building that trust is step 1 in realizing those performance and time to market gains.

How do we build that trust? This is the topic of this 3Din30. Helping us understand more about trust in AM, is Laura Ely, Programs Director, for The Barnes Global Advisors.